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Productivity Report - August 2019

This month's banner features a screenshot of my screen as I worked on Project 1 of Nand2Tetris.

Broad Overview

August 2019 is the 36th month in which I have tracked my productivity.

  • Fitness: 16.75 hours
  • Software Development: 18.50 hours
  • Music/Art: 0.00 hours
  • Other: 0.00 hours
  • Total productive hours: 35.25 hours

My average amount of productive hours per day (from all categories) was 1.14 hours. This might be my least productive month since I've been tracking my productivity. While I did take a week-long vacation to visit family, that doesn't totally explain August's lack of productivity. Honestly, I pretty much just took an extended break from doing anything productive. Even though I hate looking at the small numbers I've recorded for this month, I don't think the break was all that bad. I feel refreshed, and I'm already back into the swing of things.

Software Development

My goal for the month of August was to build a pc, and I did just that. In fact, I am typing this on my new pc right now. Here is what I'm working with:

  • Motherboard: ASRock MicroAtx B450M Pro4
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • Memory: 16 GB DDR4-3000
  • Storage: HP ssd EX900 M.2 500 GB
  • Power Supply: Corsair 550 W

The process of assembling the PC, from unboxing each component to completing Windows installation, took about 4 hours. This all definitely could have been done in far less than 4 hours, but this is my first time building a custom PC so I made sure to take my time and do it right. So far everything is working great. I have tested the PC with Grand Theft Auto V and Dark Souls 3, both with all graphics settings set as high as possible. Both games run smoothly with no issues. I know there are newer and/or more technically demanding games I could have tested with, but GTAV and DS3 are probably the two games that I have most been wanting to play on PC that I had previously been unable to play due to the technical limitations of my old PC.

I plan for this new PC to be my daily driver, so to speak. I will use it for browsing the internet, gaming, and music production. Before the Spring 2020 semester begins, I plan to purchase a cheap refurbished Lenovo Thinkpad to use as a dedicated "work" machine. One reason for this is because I think I might like to do some coding outside of my apartment, so I will need a laptop. In the meantime, I will just use my new PC for coding.

In last month's report, I mentioned that I would be continuing with classes at UIS taking Computer Organization and Software Engineering Capstone. After further consideration I decided to withdraw from both classes. Why? The cost of taking both classes would have been about $3,500 (can't remember exactly). The cost of taking only one class was right around $2,000. The thing is, Georgia Tech does not accept any transfer credit for the OMSCS program. Ultimately, I decided that I just cannot justify spending that amount of money if I'm not going to be able to use the credits. Of course, that isn't to say that I won't continue to study and learn. Before I ever enrolled in any computer science classes, I was self-studying, learning, and sharpening my skills at a rapid pace - and that is just what I am going to do for the next few months.

For the time being, I am working through a popular online course called Nand to Tetris. Nand to Tetris is essentially a computer organization / computer architecture course. So far I have completed Project 1 and started with Project 2, and I already feel that I've learned a ton. Once I complete the course, I will work on another project - probably a game or an Android app.


In August 2019, my overall fitness hours totalled to 16.75 hours. I spent 4.75 hours lifting weights, and I spent 12.00 hours on cardio. My average lifting hours per week was 1.07 hours, and my average cardio hours per week was 2.71 hours.

Obviously I did not lift very often this past month. As stated previously, I was on an extended break from being productive, and that included lifting. Anyways, I'm already back on schedule with the regular routine. It's all good.


Nothing to see here.


In this past month, I spent 0 hours doing other productive stuff.

Goals for next month (September 2019):

Software Dev Goals:

  • Continue working through Nand2Tetris.

Fitness Goals:

  • Go to the gym and lift weights like usual.

Other Goals:

  • null