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Productivity Report - July 2020

This month's banner features a pan pizza that I made.


July was probably my most productive month of the year so far. Have a look.

July 2020 is the 47th month in which I have tracked my productivity.

  • Fitness: 42.75 hours
  • Software Development: 121.25 hours
  • Music/Art: 0.00 hours
  • Other: 2.25 hours
  • Total productive hours: 166.25 hours

My average amount of productive hours per day (from all categories) was 5.36 hours.

Software Development

The summer semester has wrapped up, and although official grades have yet to be released I can say with a fair amount of confidence that I made an A in Intro to Information Security. Here is my review of the class:

Projects 1, 3, 4, and the extra-credit project were challenging and worthwhile. I learned some interesting stuff through these projects that I would have not learned otherwise, and that makes taking the class worthwhile. The midterm and final exam, on the other hand, were pretty much devoid of any value. Questions were multiple choice and taken more-or-less verbatim from the textbook. Adequate information on how students should focus their studies for the exams was not provided. The teaching staff in this class were frequently unhelpful in their responses to questions, in such a way that I can only assume most TAs I interacted with did not actually read the entirety of the concise questions I presented to them. The majority of the grade in this class was based on 4 projects, each worth 15% of the total grade. The midterm and final exams were worth another 15% each, and the remaining %10 was from our weekly ctrl-f exercises aka weekly quizzes.

Project 1 consisted of a large amount of short essay questions concerning some fundamental operating system and security concepts. In the more practical part of the project, we were given source code to a program and tasked with exploiting the program to execute a return-to-libc attack. The essay questions in this project provided an excellent review (or introduction) to some operating system fundamentals (virtual memory, memory allocation, stack structure and program flow, etc.). In fact, I very well may refer back to my Project 1 submission in the future whenever I need a quick refresher on some of these topics. Practically, this project provided useful experience with the C language, debugging with GDB, and specific exploits such as stack-overflow attacks and return-to-libc attacks.

Project 2 involved running various malware in Cuckoo sandbox on a VM, analyzing the generated malware reports, and answering some questions. This project was ok, I guess, but it certainly was not as valuable as the other projects.

Project 2.5 was an extra-credit project. I did complete this project (receiving full credit), and I'm glad I did. For this project, we were given some malware reports (such as those that may be genereated by Cuckoo (see Project 2 description), and tasked with using Malheur to successfully classify each of the given reports. We also had to write a report detailing how Malheur uses machine learning to cluster and classify malware. The written report required detailed explanations of each parameter of a Malheur configuration file and how each parameter affects the overall model. For me, this project served as an introduction to machine learning. I may take an atual machine learning class in the future, but whether or not I do, at least now I know something about the topic.

Project 3 was all about cryptography, and I thoroughly enjoyed it (although it was difficult and frustrating). Basically, the project consisted of various tasks that involved cracking hashing algorithms. We were required to write a short essay for each task explaining why the cryptographic algorithms used were vulnerable as well as explaining the mathematic concepts behind our attacks. I've never taken a class on number theory, but now I kind of feel like I have. This project involved a decent amount of Python coding, which I previously did not have a ton of experience with, so that's nice.

Project 4 was about web security. We were given the url to a fake banking website (in a VM) and were tasked with attacking it using cross-site request forgery, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection. For someone like myself with limited web development experience, this project was very educational on web dev, in general, as well as the relevant security concepts. As usual, this project also required a detailed written report.

After taking the final exam on July 24, I shifted my focus to this fun tutorial on how to build a social networking app using Firebase as the backend. As you may recall from last month's blog entry, I was already working through this tutorial before class ended; however, I did not have all that much time to put into it. After getting about halfway through the tutorial, I began to use what I've learned to create my own social media app. I have only just begun to work on this, but I'm hoping the end result will be a portfolio-worthy minimalist social media app (something along the lines of a Twitter).

The Fall 2020 semester begins August 17. I am enrolled in High Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA) and Software Architecture and Design (SAD). I am looking forward to both courses, but I am especially excited about HPCA.


In July 2020, my overall fitness hours totalled to 42.75 hours. I spent 23.75 hours lifting weights (and doing calisthenics), and I spent 19.00 hours on cardio. My average lifting hours per week was 5.36 hours, and my average cardio hours per week was 4.29 hours.

I took zero days off this month. My body appreciates that very much. I also ate very well all month long. I lost fat and gained muscle. I plan to continue this trend next month (and beyond). I am eager to get back to the gym where I can actually lift weights, but I am still wary due to the pandemic. Nevertheless, I'm tentatively planning to get back in the gym starting in September.

On August 3, I will be taking my first boxing class. I have always wanted to learn a self-defense technique, and after some research I found there is a reputable boxing gym nearby. We'll see how it goes.




In this past month, I spent 2.25 hours doing other productive stuff.

Goals for next month (August 2020):

Software Dev Goals:

  • Work hard in school, and learn stuff about computers.
  • Practice Android development

Fitness Goals:

  • Continue to exercise every day.

Other Goals:

  • null