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Productivity Report - March 2019

This month's banner features ... whatever.

Broad Overview

March 2019 is the 31st month in which I have tracked my productivity.

  • Fitness: 27.75 hours
  • Software Development: 40.75 hours
  • Music/Art: 0 hours
  • Other: 1.25 hours
  • Total productive hours: 69.25 hours

My average amount of productive hours per day (from all categories) was 2.23 hours.

Software Development

My software development goal for the month of March 2019 was:

  • Work hard in Programming Languages and Operating Systems classes.

Once again, all is going well. Not really much to say here. I'm learning some good stuff, and I have an A in both classes as of now. I've had quite a few actual programming assignments from both classes as well, so that's nice. My goal for April will just be to continue working hard and making good grades and becoming a better programmer.


In March 2019, my overall fitness hours totalled to 27.25 hours. I spent 20.75 hours lifting weights, and I spent 6.5 hours on cardio. My average lifting hours per week was 4.69 hours, and my average cardio hours per week was 1.47 hours.

Last month I mentioned I was trying a couple of new things. That is, I started taking a creatine supplement, and I've been doing intermittent fasting. We'll start with the creatine.

I started creatine about a month ago, and I can already say that I'm seeing great results. I'm surprised how much of an effect the creatine has had to be honest. It feels like I've made 6 weeks of strength progress in the past 2 weeks. I haven't noticed any affects on my focus or anything else that people sometimes attribute to creatine, but the strength effects are really great.

The other new thing I've been doing is intermittent fasting. Basically, I only eat between 4:30 pm and 11:00 pm. The most common form of intermittent fasting I see mentioned online is 16 hours of fasting with an 8 hour eating window. The only reason I'm doing a 6-7 hour window instead is because it is easier to do it that way with my schedule. Anyways, I like this way of eating so far. I find that I do not get hungry during my fasting period, so it really isn't any more difficult than a regular diet for me. So far I have not seen much change in my weight. Also, I have not noticed any effects, mentally or endurance wise, since starting intermittent fasting. I will continue with intermittent fasting for the time being, and I will update again next month.


I did not do anything creative this month.


In this past month, I spent 1.25 hour doing other productive stuff like writing last month's blog entry.

Goals for next month (April 2019):

Software Dev Goals:

  • Work hard in Programming Languages and Operating Systems classes.

Fitness Goals:

  • null